Training with back pain

Patients who struggle with back pain can feel defeated. They believe that because of their pain they can no longer exercise. We are here to tell you it’s just not true.

Many of the patients that come into the office with back pain are able to begin our rehab to performance program on day one. To begin, we carefully take each patient through a detailed evaluation and assessment process. After which time we are able to structure an individualized plan to get each patient back to what they enjoy doing most.

Shown above are just a few examples of our rehab to performance care plans:

Exercise #1: Cable Lifts

  • Helps to strength glutes and abdominals
  • Places little to no stress on the low back
  • Exercise prescription (2-3 sets/10-12 reps)

Exercise #2: Stir the pot

  • Anti-rotational core exercise
  • Strengthens low back, abdominals and glutes
  • Full body exercise
  • Exercise prescription (2-3 sets 6-8 reps)

Exercise #3: Goblet squat

  • Lower body exercise that places little to no stress on the low back
  • Strengthens hips, legs, abdominals and upper body
  • Helps to improve range of motion in the hips
  • Exercise Prescription (2-3 sets 8-10 reps)

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