Golfers with Back Pain

The golf swing can place a lot of strain on your body. The swing itself is one of the most complex movements in all of sports. Golfers of all skill levels spend countless hours refining their craft by hitting balls, working on drills, and purchasing gadgets in hopes of finding that perfect swing.

On the back end, if your body is rigid and you do not spend the time to gain mobility, strength, and flexibility you run the risk of injuring yourself, especially your lower back. Pete Cowen is recognized as one of the top golf coaches in the world, he describes the back swing as creating coil with high speed rotation which can create a lot of stress.

While many golfers may partake in exercise, very few optimize their time in the gym to counteract stress the golf swing places on the body. They follow routines that guarantee improvements in strength and power. Performed incorrectly these programs can begin to limit mobility and increase stiffness.

If you wish to improve your performance on the golf course, or just get through a round of 18 without pain; You need to seek the advice of a professional, someone who can create a program tailored for your specific strength and weaknesses. Golf fitness is gaining increased popularity given the recent performance enhancements seen in players on the PGA Tour.

While we are on the topic of improving golf performance and reducing the risk of injury, I am going to show you a few exercises designed to improve your golf game while minimizing your risk of injury.

Strength Exercises for Golfers
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